Beemster kaas

Every year a Dutch specialty becomes a bit more special: Graskaas. This cheese is made of the first milk from being outside on the field. The story behind this isn’t very well known. We’ve used the strategy of storytelling to create great performance.


Increase of the brand recognition in order to be top of mind when the potential customer chooses it’s cheese in the supermarket.


‘What is Graskaas?’ We went from a video showing an empty field full of green grass, to the same field with wandering cows, to Graskaas in the grocery store. So the whole story spread over 3 videos.


To have an impact on the brand recognition, we’ve created several touchpoints in the communication towards the potential customer. We shared the story of how to make Graskaas spread over 3 videos. These videos were supported by 5 substories and 6 second bumperads.




Depending on the channel, we’ve altered the length of the videos:

  • Preroll - 20 seconds
  • Youtube - 40 seconds
  • Instagram - 15 seconds
  • Facebook - 20 seconds
  • Canvas advertisements

Results & Learnings

Significant increase brand recognition in comparison to last years campaign without storytelling.

  1. Storytelling works: viewers tend to view all videos after they’ve watched the previous one
  2. Bumper ads are a strong way of pushing sub stories: high reach, low CPM and CPV
  3. A mix of channels facilitate a broad reach of different target audiences

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