Fit for Free

An active lifestyle is important to stay healthy. However, there can be many reasons why people work out. In this campaign, we used the stories of influencers to motivate the target audience of Fit for Free to work out.


Increase awareness for Fit For Free in order to be top of mind when someone chooses a gym to work out.


For each kind of motivation to work out, specific influencers were selected. We used videos of influencers that are into different reasons to work out to show to people with a shared interest with these influencers. For example, an influencer who is into bodybuilding was shown to people that indicate that they are into bodybuilding as well. A influencer that is into working out doing bodypump was shown to people with that interest.


To increase the reach of the influencer campaign, paid media was used. The message was Fit for Free branded, to assure that people understood they were seeing an ad sent by Fit for Free. However, by using the influencers they know, the message was trustworthy.

The videos were shown in a wide range of channels; preroll, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Per channel, the videos were adapted, both in time as in size to optimize results. Also, most media effort was allocated to the channels in which the influencers were active themselves.


Per influencer, a fitting target audience was selected.


Depending on the channel, we’ve altered the length of the videos:

  • Preroll video
  • YouTube Trueview
  • Facebook Video
  • Instagram Stories

Results & Learnings

Significant increase brand recognition in comparison to last years campaign without storytelling.

  1. A high positive response on the campaign; VTRs were higher than regular campaigns for Fit for Free.
  2. The channel on which the influencer was active themselves showed the best performance; this was cause to allocate most budget to these channels.
  3. Influencers that are more well known realise a higher interest from the reached audience.

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