Case study Van Dobben

Bitterballs are a well-known favourite snack during the summer on the terraces. In this campaign, we used geofencing to show people the way to the nearest terrace where they could relaxeand order this snack.


  • Goal

    Increase awareness for the locations where the bitterballs of van Dobben could be ordered to increase orders.

  • Concept

    Of course, we had to anticipate on the moments when people like to site on a terrace and eat snacks. There are many to do so, but we defined three main factors that influence this behaviour. These factors were taken into account in the campaign strategy:

    • Their location
    • The weather
    • The time of day

  • Strategy

    To reach people at a moment when they were able to travel to the location and at a moment when they would actually sit on a terrace and order bitterballs we had the following targeting:

    • Location: We targeted people near the bars and restaurants that offer the bitterballs
    • Weather: we only targeted people when the temperature was above 20 degrees and sunny
    • Time of Day: the campaign was only live at moments during the day when people actually order bitterballs on terraces

    The chosen channels were Display and Facebook. Reason these channels were chosen is that these have the highest possible reach. Combined, an optimal reach could be attained.

  • Targetaudience

    Per location, people in a range around the locations were targeted.


Depending on the channel, we’ve altered the length of the videos:

  • Facebook Carrousel
  • Display Mobile Rectangle

Results & Learnings

Significant increase brand recognition in comparison to last years campaign without storytelling.

  • An increase in orders of bitterballs during the campaign period for the participation locations
  • Higher reach and engagement than expected
  • Display showed the best results in both reach and engagement. Therefore most media effort was allocated to this channel
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