Conversion Optimization

Strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection.

Ultimately it is conversion, that matters most. How to get there is not a path set in stone. It is a tailor made process, where we assume, create, test, tweak, proceed and deliver. Never ending, but always interesting.


We start with a scan of your website to discover the most important conversion drivers and blockers. Our tools collect quantitative and qualitative data. We create a transparent report with our findings and a hypothesis.


We have your learnings and goals, now we can test on your website if our hypothesis is correct. We initiate small A/B tests both on- and offsite to learn and get to know the behavior of your potential customers.


A conversion funnel is a way that helps you to visualize and understand the flow of the potential customer. This process is often described as a funnel: you, as a website owner are guiding the customer towards your desired conversion point. We look closely into where we see a spike in drop-outs and create solutions for that.


A small overview of the tools we use