Offline Media

From living rooms and cars to workplaces and public spaces: you want to be able to reach your customer everywhere. With our years of experience, we know exactly which channels are most suitable for this. We create the optimal mix of media for you, so that your brand or product matches the right audience.


The ways we watch television are changing and evolving. Audiences aren’t just watching linear anymore, they also watch on demand and through different channels. Together with you, we will find you an optimal reach. From regular TV spots on all major channels, to billboarding and special advertising for specific programs where we know we come into contact with your target audience.


Radio advertising is one of the oldest and most effective ways to quickly achieve brand awareness. Even today, radio is still a very suitable channel for reaching out to wide audiences in the short term. Do you want to be heard frequently on large channels, or would you rather sponsor a specific program? Our consultants are happy to help you with these kinds of choices and with positioning radio advertising within your media mix.


Print is an excellent way to reach not just mass audiences, but also to advertise towards specific target audiences. This can be done via regular advertising options, but also via branded content, specials and much more. We know how to find the right printing solution for every target audience.


Outdoor advertising lends itself to both large, national campaigns with mass reach as the main goal, as well as to very targeted local campaigns. Our outdoor advertising specialists will help you discuss the added value of advertising on bus shelter displays, transportation advertising and many other creative possibilities. Together we determine which of these types of outdoor advertising will best suit your strategy.