Online Media

Everyone is not your customer.

You know your brand, you know your product, you know who’d you like to be your audience. We strive to create the optimal mix of media to make sure you only communicate with your audience. Thanks to our great network, we guarantee the best terms and conditions for media buying.


Display ads are shown on websites aside from your own where we can find your target audience. These ads can be video, photo, text or mixed content. Whatever suits the chosen platform or audience. Cross-media, cross-device, 360 degrees.


Every Search Engine campaign we develop, is continuously monitored and altered by our search engine specialists. These specialists don’t merely focus on the general placement, but concentrate on optimizing internal processes, like (Google) shopping, maps and location, too. The result? Optimal search engine revenues at all times.

Social media

Online marketing cannot exist without social and vice versa. If it’s pushed as a post or a dedicated ad campaign over several social platforms, we’ll make sure you are visible. We work with all social networks and have a great sense of what works to meet your goals and engage with your audience.


Video is everywhere and we get it: moving imagery combined with sound creates the best medium to share your message. Our team is experienced with preroll, in article, native and social videos. Whenever we setup your strategy, we’ll decide what suits your goals.


#ad #partnership #sponsored most content shared is pushed by brands via the many channels used by influencers. Some have a broad reach, others have a loyal community. Your goals and your brand will be a fit with a specific number of influencers. Who it should be to share your message, we’ll decide upon together. Our team has the right network of influencers with the knowledge on how their following is interacting.


We see a huge lift up in the use of voice search and we advise to use it if it suits your audience. It can become a big component of your customer journey. Together we’d like to discover the possibilities and you’ll be frontrunning by already engaging it in your strategy.