Other services


As online marketeers we are constantly challenged by change. We anticipate and adapt quickly. So why not share our knowledge with you? We provide a broad offering of tailormade workshops for your organization. Whether the level of your online marketing team is rather junior or experienced, we can definitely cater your needs.

Weekly call & reporting

Transparency is key, performance is king. The kick-off of our partnership consists of defining a benchmark, KPI’s and goals. After launching the learning process starts. These learnings, insights and optimizations we share with you on a weekly base by email. This email is always followed up by a call with a member of your Addurance team. You know where your money is going and what we are doing. Win-win situation.


We map your customer journey and create dynamic creatives providing you with all the insights on the traffic behavior. We determine what drives conversion and which content has the most impact. We gather all this data and will fully use it to your advantage. These dynamic creatives allow us to easily push the right content on the right target audience.


We constantly keep improving through trial and error: we keep testing and collecting enough data to ensure we create the most optimal output. When needed we change the content to push the performance. As well as constantly monitoring if the content matches your brand. Co-creation is key.

Social media

In order to build a sustainable relationship with your community as a brand, it is key to stay in touch on a regular basis. We proactively support you and your social team to build a content calendar for your social media. In addition we’ll make sure that the calendar is filled with great content for your brand to share.

Landing pages

If you create great content, it will make people click. Where you take these people is key in order to make the content perform. We are a fan of dedicated landing pages: a landing page facilitates testing, consolidates useful data of the behavior and eventually learns us more about the incentive of your target audience. We work according to the principles of Cialdini when we setup these landing pages.