At addurance, we are engaged in the entire creative content process; from concept development to the implementation of design. This gives you the time to focus on your core activities and enables you to build your business.

Branded content

The secret of effective branded content is making sure the means of advertising, connects with the receiver’s perception, whether it’s entertaining or informative. In order to achieve optimal added value, addurance uses influencers or bloggers who fits your target audience. We develop a clear and structured branded content strategy that does not center around the brand, but focusses on the customer’s needs, creating more effective results.


In the current digital climate, the design of an online campaign forms an essential part of it’s success. Crucial elements like Rich Media Banners, IAB Banners, Landing pages and Actions pages are required to have the perfect visual structure. With our specialized team of designers, we make sure the look and feel of your campaign fits seamlessly with your proposition and the needs of your potential customer.