Data is collected everywhere, every second of every day. The eventual goal, however, is not the collection of data, but the conversion of data into value. This is exactly what addurance sets out to do.


addurance is a highly experiences user of Google Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Doubleclick Stack and Adobe Marketing Cloud. Through conversion-attribution, these licenses enable us to determine how your marketing budget should be divided over the different channels at hand.

Data Management

With the use of Tag management, we measure and collect all the data on your website. When all that data is collected, we assemble it on a Central Data Management Platform, which hold the profiles of your potential customers. Through the use of data science and real-time data insights, we are able to answer questions, that have not yet been asked. We are always one step ahead.

Conversion Optimization

In order to thoroughly map conversions we utilize several tools, from the basics of Hotjar to Customer Profiling (BlueConic); a tool that systematically places all collected data into one well-structured system. Through Persuasion Modeling, we are able to predict what is it that triggers people to act. Finally, Data (marketing) Modeling and testing enables us to create a targeted performance map of all active campaigns. With the help of this overview, we can continue to optimize these campaigns, always guaranteeing the best results.