A great strategy and an attractive design are important aspects of a digital campaign. With access to a wide variety of of DSP’s and DSP knowledge, DMP’s, adverts, optimization tracking, analyzing software tools and in-house IT specialist, addurance has all the technical knowledge needed to create and sustain a successful digital marketing campaign.


At addurance we share the opinion that one Demand Side Platform simply doesn’t cut it. That’s why we utilize multiple ones. This enables us to enhance the impact of digital campaigns and make them more successful. Besides the positive effects on the campaigns themselves, the use of multiple platforms makes it possible to reduce costs and maximise buying efficiency: a win-win situation.

Data Management Platform

A data management platform is a place where previously stored data is combined with real-time data retrieved via interactions with all communication channels. Data retrieved from CRM-systems, email-and call center databases and inventory systems is easily accessible and therefore often used as the first source of information. Data can, however, also be retrieved from other digital channels like Display, Video, Social, Websites, Mobile apps, or even offline sources like in-store beacons. This data is referred to as first party data. In addition, this first party data can be combined with data that is purchased from third party sources. Examples are demographic consumer profiles or data on purchasing power. We call this data third party data. At addurance, we have extensive experience and knowledge of these data management platforms and are therefore able to advise on the and support our customers every step of the way.


Naturally, addurance also tends to the development and support of all the required custom-fit solutions. From simple landing- and action pages to complex xml-feeds and CRM connections, our team of IT experts will deliver. Due to our combined approach of content, strategy and IT, we are able to act fast and make alterations when and where needed.